Do you feel that you need a back adjustment?. Call us at 480-491-7241. If you are a Phoenix Valley resident, Contact Us. Global Chiropractic is conveniently located in Tempe, Arizona. Our facility is located at 4435 S RURAL RD #4 just south of HWY 60 and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Many folks suffer from back discomfort and back pain and require a back adjustment. There are many that have received chiropractic care before their visit with us.

Dr. Steven Enriquez and his qualified staff will patiently examine your spine, and vertebrae alignment. He will alleviate Lower Back Pain  and discomfort by providing the correct back adjustment.

There are many reasons for back and Neck pain. Perhaps you have been in an Auto Accident. In this unfortunate event, we suggest you visit us as soon as possible.

Global Chiropractic_Back Adjustment

Our patients also consist of visitors and travelers  from out of town. They may be visiting the Phoenix area or spend the winters here. Global Chiropractic helps them with continued back adjustment treatments. We offer a true Wellness Care facility including lifestyle habits and Nutrition.

We also provide regular back adjustments for athletes. Not only for a sports injury, but for preventing injuries. A scheduled spine and neck adjustment is preferred over drugs or surgery.